Supporting a culture of self-help at the community level: the Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective

“Individuals do not exist in isolation from communities. Supporting a culture of self-help at the community level emphasizes this connections and builds collective power, while simultaneously giving individuals immediate relief and support. When people are supported and empowered in their choices and are linked to support in their own communities, the stigma and silence surrounding […]


Young people fight societal norms in Sudan, where even believing in abortion rights has been stigmatized!

We often hear from many of our members, in digital and real-life spaces, about the relentless ways that patriarchy manifests in our societies, specifically as a form of reproductive oppression. Patriarchal conditions enforce binaries that are harmful to women, lgbtq folks, disabled people, and racial, ethnic, religious minorities who are more marginalized in society. These […]

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Announcing the 3rd inroads Global Member Gathering

Registration is now open for the third inroads Global Member Gathering in Mombasa, Kenya on February 10 – 14, 2020. Learning from member input and experiences with past meetings, we designed a slightly different process for registering and for applying for financial support. You can register, apply for funding from inroads, and share what and […]