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Our Mission

The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma works towards freedom for past, present, and future abortion seekers by funding movements and strengthening connections within the global community of abortion advocates, artists, scholars, activists, journalists, community workers, and providers.

Our Approaches

Community Resourcing

Through a participatory and community-centric grantmaking model, we provide flexible funding that supports local, regional, and global abortion stigma busting work and the reproductive justice movement.

Solidarity and Power Building

We co-create and support community spaces for healing, mutual learning, sharing, reflection, joy, and accompaniment across territories, topics, and fields to leverage collaboration, and build solidarity and collective power.


We amplify the dreams, visions, efforts, leadership, and voices of our abortion stigma busting community to raise awareness, increase accessibility, and ensure their participation in strategic spaces and processes.

Shifting Power and Narratives

We actively lead and support efforts that challenge hierarchical power and advocate for more and better resources for abortion stigma busting work and the reproductive justice movement.

Grantee Partners

Since its creation, inroads has devoted $1,027,118.15 USD to support 120 community stigma-busting community organizations in 47 countries.

Rooted in equity and our commitment to social justice, the Partnership Fund prioritizes support for inroads members who would not ordinarily have access to mainstream sources of funding and who are deliberately centering understanding and dismantling abortion stigma in their work through an intersectional lens.

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Media & Events

Global Day of Action to Destigmatize Abortions on March 28! 

We’re thrilled to announce the launching of the Global Day of Action to Destigmatize Abortions on March 28!  This will be a global, annual event to catalyze action, transform narratives, and come together as a network to build a world where everyone is free to access their fundamental right to stigma-free abortion healthcare with love, care, and support. Our aim is to […]

Updates & News

Abortion Community Care Fund: Evolving to better support the abortion justice movement worldwide!

Since 2014, inroads has leveraged over $1,000,000 USD to fund community abortion justice efforts and strategies led by 100+ community organizations in 45 countries across the world.  inroads’ flexible and participatory funding for stigma-busting abortion work is centered on breaking the many layers of stigma surrounding abortion justice work. In a world impacted by stigma […]

2023 Recap | Nurturing the abortion justice ecosystem

Dear Abortion Stigma-Busters, We are firm believers in the power of our abortion justice ecosystem! Aligned with our goals to build a values-driven and transparent organization, we have curated a 2023 recap of our work in leading efforts to build a world where everyone can access stigma-free abortions. Read our recap to see the many […]

9 Insights to Convene Transformative International Gatherings for Movements

The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Stigma and Discrimination (inroads) is proud to share insights from the planning and leading process of our recent regional gathering, the inroads Latin American and Caribbean Abortion Justice Circle. A powerful regional convening with over 60 participants from 21 countries, representing diverse organizations and collectives at the […]