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To process your request to join inroads, we ask that you share some information about yourself, your work/interest in abortion stigma-busting, and references that can verify your application.

We are a global network of individuals and organizations working on a highly stigmatized topic in an array of legal, cultural, political, and geographical settings. Providing information for our internal verification allows us to keep our network thriving, aligned, and secure. The information shared is treated as confidential and will only be accessible to the inroads staff.


We strive to ensure a safe space for the abortion justice community by verifying every application manually. The application approval process takes around 1 or 2 weeks if the information shared is complete enough to allow us to verify the authenticity of the application and if the references are accessible.

If you are joining to be able to apply to a specific inroads opportunity with a limited timeline, like our fellowships, trainings, and gatherings, please do not worry - the application submission date is the one we will consider as your membership start date when approved. You can apply to those opportunities that are open to new members right after applying to be a member, and we will review both applications simultaneously if needed.

If you haven't already, review the inroads mission, values, and Strategic Goals here:

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