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Do we risk causing harm when we research stigma?

It was almost a decade ago that we started conducting research to assess abortion stigma in partnership with service delivery organizations in the Global South. We adapted various stigma scales to learn about perceptions of and experiences with stigma among people seeking abortion, as well as attitudes about abortion among community members. We often adapted […]

Spacious Solidarity

The Radical Power of Telling the Truth

This Spacious Solidarity Dialogue is between Kristine Chan (PINSAN, Philippines) and Michelle Gallo (EQUIDAD de Genero, Mexico), inroads members who have been working on Shifting the Narrative around Abortions, to normalise conversations about abortions, to create safe spaces to share about abortion journeys and to advocate for a world free of abortion stigma. Abortion Storytelling in Philippines and Mexico […]

Spacious Solidarity

Building Collective Models of Care to End Abortion Stigma

This conversation between Daniela Tellez del Valle (DI Ramona, Mexico) and Natalie Broniarczyk (Abortion Dream Team, Poland) centers around accompanying abortions in times of a Pandemic and building collective models of care. Both Dani and Natalie are inroads members who have built collective processes and dream teams to build collective power for destigmatizing and accompanying […]

Spacious Solidarity

Sharing Community Visions of Abortion Care from Kenya to Ireland

In this dialogue, Sara and Adhiambo met on June 2 at 2 PM UTC to discuss their journeys and experiences accompanying abortion, bringing more people into the abortion dialogue and creating safety and healing through their accompaniment Here is a brief introduction once again of the two voices you will be hearing.  About the Hosts […]

Spacious Solidarity

Sharing Abortion Stories Through the Arts for Healing

The latest conversation is between Omodele Ibitoye (Initiative to Resist Institutional Slavery and Exploitation (iRISE), Nigeria) and Maja Dimitrijevic (Serbian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Serbia). These two inroads members have been working in refugee contexts to provide psychosocial counselling and also using arts based methods such as theatre and voice to create […]

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We Are Looking for Interpreters

To help create a more accessible network! The inroads team is looking to build up a pool of interpreters in order honor the power and dignity of varied language-speakers in the network and to ensure that inroads members can access and authentically engage in ongoing programs. We are looking for members who have experience interpreting (both trained/certified interpretation and/or […]

Spacious Solidarity

Busting Restrictive Abortion Laws and Stigma Latin America: Spacious Solidarity

Estrategias en cuidado comunitario en lugares restrictivos Our next Spacious Solidarity Dialogue on Legal Reimaginations was between Genesis Luigi (Venezuela), Regina Fonseca (Honduras) and Sara Garcia Gross (El Salvador).  The discussants are inroads members who have been involved in the struggle for decriminalising abortion in Latin America. Tune in as they speak on their multiple years of […]

Spacious Solidarity

How Lawyers Play a Role in Community Care and Reproductive Justice: Spacious Solidarity Dialogue

Join the conversation, which as always, is grounded in the values of mutual learning and community care. Jasmine Lovely George (Hidden Pockets, India) and Rose Wakikona (CEHURD, Uganda) are inroads members who have been boldly busting abortion stigma through their work of legal support and research around the abortion law, particularly for young people. Tune […]

Spacious Solidarity

Decriminalisation and Reimagining Legal Change in South Korea and Thailand

Na Young (SHARE & Joint Action for Reproductive Justice, South Korea) and Sulaiporn Chonwilai (Tamtang Group, Thailand) host our latest dialogue, centering Decriminalisation and Reimagining Legal Change. Both discussants are inroads members who have been boldly busting abortion stigma through their work in movements and collectives that focus on abortion law change that includes stigma […]

Updates & News

Join Our Team! inroads Development and Operations Consultant

We are looking for a Development Operations Consultant to help our team set a fundraising strategy for inroads to accomplish our Strategic Plan and bolster our existing staff and board capacity. We’re hoping to bring a consultant who will add value to our complex, nuanced work as we collectively work to improve systems and keep program and […]