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Member Code of Conduct

Purpose of inroads

Inroads is a global network and community of practice that works toward freedom for past, present, and future abortion seekers by funding movements and strengthening connections within the global community of abortion advocates, artists, scholars, journalists, community workers, and providers.

In order to achieve our vision of a world where people can be free to experience abortion on their own terms, we must build and hold spaces where it is safe and supportive for you as a member to learn, share, explore, and experiment. The member code of conduct exists to ensure that you understand and engage with each other in alignment with the network values as outlined in the Strategic Plan in all network interactions and engagements.

Code of Conduct

As a members of inroads, you are expected to:

  • Read and reflect on the inroads Strategic Plan and core values;
  • Indicate your agreement with these guidelines and code of conduct by selecting “I agree” on the from provided upon joining for new members, with a series of invitations for existing members, before participating in any activity for existing members;
  • Consider the inroads core values and strategic goals when participating in inroads activities and applying for opportunities;
  • Treat other members with dignity and respect;
  • Reflect and demonstrate awareness of your own power and privilege in any inroads space;
  • Prioritize/center people who have abortions in all inroads activities;
  • Keep information about specific inroads members and experiences private;
  • Practice and use suggested security practice in the Member Guidelines ; and
  • Participate in and comply with any specific gathering, event, or activity guidelines (for example, generating group agreements in gatherings and meetings and adhering to listserv guidelines).

Breaches or Violations of the Code of Conduct

Inroads is a global network of many different and diverse individuals, who all come to this work and this space with different lived experiences, expertises, and expectations. When as an inroads member you violate the core values and code of conduct outlined here, inroads offers a transformation-based approach. A breach or violation can take the form of:

  • Espousing beliefs and/or conduct yourself in a manner that is contrary to the inroads core values.
  • Sharing confidential or private information outside of inroads.
  • Cases of fraud, negligence or abuse with inroads’ financial or intellectual resources.
  • Disrespect, degradation, or oppression.
  • Expressions of intimidation or disregard for other members.
  • Misrepresentation as speaking on behalf of or for inroads.
Depending on the nature or severity of the breach, a series of outcomes is possible:
  • An inroads staff member or Board member will share with you the behavior that is in contradiction with inroads’ core values and code of conduct, and you will be asked to stop.
  • If inroads staff or Board determines that conflict transformation is warranted or possible, and with the consent of any members that were impacted, you may be asked to acknowledge harm and commit to a new plan of behavior.
  • You may be asked to leave an event or activity while staff determine if transformation or repair is possible or warranted.
  • You may be deemed ineligible for future funding or support.
  • With discussion and decision with the Board of Directors, you may be removed from the network.