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inroads session at HRFN Conference 2024


We are excited to share that inroads will co-host a powerful in-person session at the Human Rights Funders Network Global Conference, which will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, from April 24 to 26.

About the session

What can we learn from abortion justice and feminist activists in crisis and authoritarian contexts? 
Co-hosted in-person by: inroads, Fòs Feministas Feminista, and Channel Foundation.
Date & Time: April 26, 9:30-11 am.

This session will explore the connection between bodily autonomy, equality, and citizenship, centering experiences from front-line reproductive justice groups worldwide. It provides a platform to amplify the voices of abortion justice movements and engage in a collective dialogue on what funders can learn from abortion rights defenders – defenders that have achieved remarkable victories for human rights despite facing deep stigmatization, multiple crises, and the rise of authoritarianism & anti-gender organizing. 

It is an ideal space for funders and program officers interested in exploring how funders can best support fierce reproductive justice work in complex contexts and strengthen intersectional feminism. 

Building collective power and solidarity

Supporting abortion is supporting a fundamental human right. As we experience the human rights violating efforts to restrict, penalize, and criminalize abortion across the world, we need funders and major donors to show up with the same bravery, resistance, resilience, and persistence of our communities powering the reproductive justice movement.  

We hope this session, and our participation in the Human Rights Funder Network Conference, together with many other organizations from the reproductive justice movement, encourages funders to take action to nurture and further the work of the front-line human rights defenders of abortion care access across the globe.

A core component of this effort is busting the abortion stigma that is produced and reproduced pervasively across society, including within the philanthropic sector. We invite all funders to take a stance and join our pledge to destigmatize abortion within philanthropy.

If you are not an inroads member yet, join today! Membership is free and open to all individuals and community organizations working to dismantle abortion stigma across the world.