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We are excited to share our 2022 annual report!

Dive into our report to visualize the powerful abortion justice efforts led by our fearless community of over 2100 members in 119 countries!

While across the world abortion rights milestones and setbacks made headlines, often giving the impression of disjointed and isolated abortion movements, at the core, our abortion justice community ecosystem was always connected, building bridges of solidarity, mutual learning, and care across borders.

From shifting narratives to building collective power and mobilizing resources to drive transformative change, every page reflects our united journey toward a world free of abortion stigma.

We hope that you honor and support our community by immersing in the report, amplifying the powerful work, and contributing to sustain these vital efforts!

Let’s keep making inroads on abortion stigma to build a happier, healthier, and more just world!

Download the report in English, Spanish, or French.

Find our previous annual report from 2021 here. Before inroads launched to independence in September 2020, inroads was hosted by IPAS Prior to 2021, our financial reporting was included in Ipas' annual reporting. Programming reporting from inroads 2014-2020 is available on our blog, including our 2020 and 2016 evaluation reports.