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We are excited to share our 2021 annual report!

A space to look back on the powerful efforts this fearless community has been leading and visualize the impact our committed collective actions are generating across the world.

inroads launched out as an independent organization a mere 18 months ago. Since that time, we’ve begun to fully build and live our new strategic plan and values, started a new Collaboration Grant and formalized our members compensation program, created a member-to-member assistance and mentorship program, carried-out over 20 member-led gatherings & learning sessions, and grown from a staff of 5 to a team of 9.

We are grateful and honored to be able to nurture the work of over 1700 members from 109 countries. We hope every one of you feels represented in the pages of this report.

Below you can find a sneak peak of the report content, but we encourage it to access the full report to learn how our collective efforts are blooming a world free of abortion stigma!

Download the report in English, Spanish, or French.

How do we bust abortion stigma and support the reproductive justice movement?