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inroads at ARCJ | Hosting stigma-busting spaces to nurture abortion justice worldwide


We are excited to share that the inroads team and many of our members are attending the Abortion and Reproductive Justice Conference: The Unfinished Revolution IV! ARCJ is taking place in Thailand from February 16 to 18, 2024.

At this crucial convening space for reproductive justice movements, inroads will host the following spaces and activities to nurture our global abortion justice ecosystem.

Presentation: Connecting Body & Territory for Abortion Justice.  

Saturday, 17 February 2024, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Location: ROOM D1

This presentation invites us to explore the body as territory, territory as a place of contest and struggle, and how the contest and struggle of ownership, belonging, and environment tie us continually to the intricately woven and interconnected struggles of systematically marginalized communities and the realities we experience, live, and challenge.  

Grounded in the learnings from the recent inroads Body and Territory Abortion Justice Fellowship, this space aims to nurture our abortion justice movements to build new systems that are interconnected and interdependent, as people and communities. Coming together in care, to create paths for liberation that hold the power to deepen processes of collective healing, sovereignty, and justice for all.

This oral presentation will be facilitated by Vinitha Jayaprakasan, an inroads fellow and queer bahujan feminist from India working in the field of research and youth leadership in sexual and reproductive health and rights. She was part of the inroads Body and Territory Abortion Justice Fellowship, and currently works in the safe abortion programme at The YP Foundation.

Destigmatizing Philanthropy: Resourcing Abortion Justice

Interactive Poster Presentation
February 18, 2024 | Location: Floor 9th, Room 1911.

This poster is a call to action for funders to tackle the impact of abortion stigma within traditional philanthropy and its connection to underfunding & damaging funding practices. It serves as an interactive space inviting participants to break the silence and share openly about the resourcing challenges impacting their abortion justice work.

If you are at ARCJ this week, stop by our poster to share your resourcing dreams and funding needs for a sustainable abortion justice movement worldwide! Find a digital version of the poster here.

Artists Busting Abortion Stigma Fellowship

Interactive Poster Presentation
February 16, 2024 | Location: Floor 8th, Room 1811.

Explore the transformative power of creative arts to destigmatize abortions! We invite you to enjoy the creative and transformative power of narrative storytelling and arts-based activism within our abortion stigma-busting universe, through the creations of our inroads fellows! 

Their stigma-busting fellowship projects include zines, illustrations, music videos, documentary, knitting patterns, murals, comics, podcasts, children’s books, and more. If you are at ARCJ this week, stop by our poster and enjoy the power of abortion artivism! Find a digital version of this poster here.

About the Abortion and Reproductive Justice Conference: The Unfinished Revolution

Initiated in Canada at the University of Prince Edward Island, this conference has since been hosted by Ulster University, Northern Ireland, and Rhodes University, South Africa. The convening aims to bring together abortion activists, workers, and academics for shared learning and strategizing. The conference aims to be a safe, inclusive, feminist, political, diverse, and engaging space to look at Abortion & Reproductive Justice and also the politics of safe abortion in the context of the cis- heteropatriarchy, neoliberal-capitalism and military-health-industrial complex.

inroads approach:

We organize and support inroads members’ participation in key convening spaces as part of our commitment to amplifying the voices, dreams, and efforts of our powerful stigma-busting community and raising awareness, building solidarity, and ensuring participation in strategic spaces and processes. In an effort to correct the inequitable compensation and volunteerism trend in the traditional global development sector, we are also committed to ensuring that members who contribute their wisdom and lived experiences at key convening spaces receive just compensation for their offerings and allocate inroads resources to do so. Learn more about inroads approaches and goals here.