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RightsCon 2023 | Abortion Justice: Building a creative, supportive, and secure ecosystem.


We are excited to share that we are co-organizing with a diverse group of inroads members and allies a powerful workshop at the RightsCon 2023 Costa Rica Summit titled Abortion Justice: Building a creative, supportive, and secure ecosystem.

About the workshop:

An abortion justice ecosystem thrives through secure and supportive efforts powered by diverse communities committed to the individual and collective autonomy of our bodies and territories. The past year alone has highlighted the way in which our human rights are intrinsically connected to the land and digital rights- meaning that an increase in abortion criminalization goes hand in hand with digital and technology censorship and control.

Despite the rise in criminalization, censorship, and threats, abortion justice activists – acompañantes of abortion, narrative change workers and movement builders – are doing some of the most creative, innovative, and strategic work to ensure holistic security and information for themselves and the larger social justice ecosystem, often with minimal funding.

This session brings together abortion activists, digital rights activists, and feminist funders into an open and participatory dialogue that highlights the creative ways in which feminist social movements are centering holistic security and community care to protect our bodily and territory autonomy.

Date & Time: June 7 at 1:30-2:45 pm UTC ( 7:30-8:45 am Costa Rica time)

Languages: English & Spanish.


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About RightsCon:

RightsCon is a powerful international summit focusing on human rights in the digital age. The 12th edition of RightsCon will host participants both in Costa Rica and online, from Monday, June 5 to Friday, June 8, 2023. With 500+ sessions scheduled and more than 10,000 participants projected to participate from across the world. Free online tickets are available until May 28.

inroads approach:

We organize and support inroads members’ participation in key convening spaces as part of our commitment to amplifying the voices, dreams, and efforts of our powerful stigma-busting community and raising awareness, building solidarity, and ensuring participation in strategic spaces and processes.  In an effort to correct the inequitable compensation and volunteerism trend in the traditional global development sector, we are also committed to ensuring that members who contribute their wisdom and lived experiences at key convening spaces receive just compensation for their offerings and allocate inroads resources to do so. Learn more about inroads approaches and goals here.