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Artists Busting Abortion Stigma Fellowship

Carried out in 2022.

Our worlds are shaped by the stories that surround us, and our abortions are impacted by these frames and details.Narratives around abortion that are stigmatizing can cloud up our worlds by restricting access, care, and support.They create systems that deny health and care for all, both in fully legal and restricted abortion settings, especially impacting queer, disabled, poor, black, dalit and migrant people.

Stigma - busting narratives, on the other hand, that call for a world where everyone can have the abortions they wish to, in a dignified manner, can precipitate radical change that is rooted in our divine right to our bodily autonomy, to liberation.

Aligned with our goal of shifting power & narratives and resourcing the communities powering the reproductive justice movement, inroads launched the Artists Busting Abortion Stigma fellowship to support and advance the work of inroads members using their diverse artistic talents to create stigma-busting narratives able to shift the conversation to build a happier, healthier and more just world free of abortion stigma.

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Introducing the 2022 Artists Busting Abortion Stigma fellows.

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Ale Mujica Rodriguez


Antonella Barone


Asia Bordowa


Brita Kigambo


Carmina Orta


Cecilia Prado Godínez


Dana Kaufman


Erandini Catalina Alvarado Villega


Itumeleng Letsoalo


Julia López Valenzuela


Karolina Więckiewicz


Lisandria Thompson


Manisha Thapa


Merlina Anunnaki (Pamela Mercado)


Milagros Olivera Noriega


Selva Félix


Verónica Vera


Yela Quim


Meet the Fellowship Community Advisors

Ana Gutiérrez Salgado


Ana is a Mexican documentary filmmaker. They produced, directed, and edited documentary short films on abortion, the history of the Mexican lesbian movement, femicides, and territory defense in rural communities, among others. They are a member of the En Nepantla Collective, which is producing a full-length documentary film about access to abortion at the border between Mexico and U.S. You can watch their work on their Vimeo channel.

Saint Ashley


Saint is a Jamaican researcher, linguist, and writer. Their publications have been housed in magazines in the United States and the United Kingdom. Their research tools have been put to use in existing advocacy efforts in Jamaica as well as to shape startups in the non-profit landscape. With advocacy experience rooted in years of work surrounding Gender Theory and being trained in Communicative and Social Behaviours, their sustained interest in gender justice is an interest indulged and skill honed. Saint is non-binary and transmasculine and interchangeably uses he/him and they/them pronoun sets in all situations requiring a gendered reference. They work with WE-Change Jamaica.

Surabhi Srivastava


Surabhi (she/her) is Indian storyteller and creator passionate about, and committed towards, advancing the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of young people globally, using both digital media and offline tools to engage, empower, and mobilize young people for social change. She is also an amateur podcaster, and has produced and hosted podcasts on reproductive justice and global development issues. Surabhi has a master's degree in public health and social policy respectively, and is from Mumbai, India. She currently works with RNW Media in the Netherlands..

Viva Ruiz


Viva Ruiz is a community, family, street, strip bar & nightclub educated artist and advocate. The progeny of factory-working Ecuadorian migrants raised in Jamaica Queens. Mad that her colonizer ancestors were revered while her indigenous ancestors were erased. Standing on the shoulders of many, eager to celebrate and be in service to the spirits that love and walk with me. A maker working in multiple mediums aspiring to bring joy to spaces and people that the institution of art ignores. Excited about making work that's accessible to many and about pop. Building power and birthing pro-abortion propaganda with the Thank God For Abortion experiment, recent awarded Creative Capital grant for this project.

Acknowledgment: The translation of the video files of some of our fellows' artistic projects to and from Spanish, English, and French was possible thanks to the contribution of Eva Bonnefoy Borjas.