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inroads Membership: Benefits and Responsibilities

Membership is open to individuals who are committed to understanding, challenging, and mitigating abortion stigma. They are, or commit to be, working on issues around abortion stigma in their own work. If multiple people from an organization participate in inroads activities, they are encouraged to also join as individual members.

Inroads member benefits:

  1. Participate in inroads’ global community of practice focused on strengthening movements across the world to make sustainable and measurable changes to reduce abortion stigma and its discriminatory outcomes locally and across the globe.
  2. Connect and share knowledge, skills, information, and experiences with colleagues.
  3. Access shared research, resources, and collaboration opportunities on abortion stigma.
  4. Highlight and publicize your work via the inroads community and inroads resource spaces.
  5. Connect and strategize with organizations, individuals, and allies working on similar issues around the world.
  6. Join in online and in-person inroads gatherings, meetings, and conferences.
  7. Find compensated activities and roles in co-creating content, communities, support, or events for the inroads network.
  8. Disseminate information about your organization or your work within a worldwide community of allies that directly reaches over 109 countries and 1800+ members.
  9. Apply for funding for stigma-busting abortion work from our Fund or curated opportunities shared with all members.
  10. Find community, solidarity, and connection with your fellow members.

Inroads member Responsibilities:

In addition to the benefits afforded, as a member, you will be expected to:

  1. Participate in network events at least once a year (such as gatherings, webinars, meetings, conference calls, etc.).
  2. Actively participate in the inroads Collaboration Workspace, an online platform to discuss and share relevant information with others within the network.
  3. Initiate and/or continue your work to reduce abortion stigma or incorporate stigma-busting work into ongoing activities.
  4. Share information about inroads and our communities’ work with colleagues and partners working on abortion stigma.
  5. Attend and actively participate in meetings and gatherings when possible.
  6. Actively participate in calls for feedback and input to strengthen the community when possible.

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