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inroads Membership: Benefits and Responsibilities

Membership is open to individuals who are committed to understanding, challenging and mitigating abortion stigma. They are, or intend to be, working on issues around abortion stigma in their own work. Organizational membership can extend to multiple staff members from that organization. If others from an organization participate in inroads activities, they are encouraged to also join as individuals.

I/we are committed to the advancement of sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the right to abortion. Abortion stigma contributes to the social, medical and legal marginalization of abortion worldwide. As part of inroads, I/we are committed to understanding, challenging and mitigating abortion stigma.

Inroads member benefits:

  1. Participate in a Community of Practice with world leaders on abortion stigma.
  2. Access shared research and collaboration opportunities.
  3. Highlight and publicize innovative work via inroads resources (e.g., website, in publications, listservs, etc.)
  4. Connect and strategize with organizations, individuals, and allies all working on similar issues around the world.
  5. Share new information and lessons learned with colleagues.
  6. Contribute to the determination of the final inroads network structure at first member meeting.
  7. Serve in Network leadership/structure.
  8. Invitations to participate in inroads gatherings, meetings, and conferences.
  9. Disseminate information about your organization or your work on the inroads website.

Inroads member Responsibilities:

  1. Participate in network events at least once a year (such as webinars, meetings, conference calls, etc.).
  2. Participate in inroads Collaboration Workspace, discussing and sharing information with others in the network.
  3. Initiate work on abortion stigma or incorporate work into ongoing activities, where appropriate.
  4. Share information about inroads and its work with colleagues and partners.
  5. Attend and actively participate in membership meetings and conferences, when possible.