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A new inroads Community Workspace to connect and collaborate!


We are happy to announce that inroads launched a renovated and dynamic community workspace in June 2022!

Stigma thrives in darkness and isolation. It makes us believe that we are alone, that no one else cares, that no one else understands, that there is no hope. But we know that the reality is very different. We are many; we are thousands; we are millions. Together, we are an unstoppable movement, and we are stronger when we support and learn from each other. That is why creating the time and space to connect with our global community is powerful and critical, and why inroads have been convening diverse community spaces and gatherings since its inception.

We hope this renovated community workspace serves as a safe and powerful virtual space to share, connect, collaborate, learn and grow together.

In the new workspace members are able to:

  • Visit the community feed to publish content and interact in real-time.
  • Reply to others members’ content and messages directly on the community feed.
  • Benefit from 1-1 private message between members.
  • Use the search tool to find other members’ profiles.
  • Explore and search content from our library and community feed using keywords.
  • Join private thematic or regional communities.
  • Select the desired notification frequency to receive updates by email.


Current Members: Since launching the new ICW in June 2022, the inroads team has sent regular email reminders to activate the profile on the inroads Community Workspace to members who have not activated it. Please, check the inbox of the email you use to connect with inroads to find your private account activation invitation. If you cannot find it, reach out to

New Members: After your application to join is approved, you should receive a personalized, private, and unique email notification from the inroads Community workspace asking you to complete your inroads Community Workspace account setup. Please make sure to activate your account and update your profile as soon as possible. If you cannot find the email notification to set up and activate your account after you receive the email confirmation that your application was approved reach out to:

We hope to see all members in the inroads Community Workspace here!