Centering Experience

In healthcare, in the law, in culture we often encounter abortion stigma in the frame of a "debate" or a "controversy"; this focus on the battle over access, rights, morality, etc ends up amplifying the stigma and obscuring the real, lived experiences of those who have abortions, those who provide abortions, and those people who support sharing and storytelling. By valuing the expertise and the reality of the lives of people associated with abortion, we can actively understand and dismantle the ways in which reproductive health stigmas intersect and keep women's narratives subordinate to political jockeying. This collection focuses on resources that center the experiences or examine the narratives of people having abortions.


Speak My Language: A Toolkit Developed By and For Young People

This toolkit (with inputs from Georgia, Lithuania, Republic of Macedonia, Poland and Romania) offers a framework for youth-led storytelling.


Why We Need to Bridge the Gap between Sex Workers’ Movements and Abortion Rights Activism

This blog posts explores the needed linkages between movements to expand rights for sex workers and right to abortion.


After After Tiller: The impact of a documentary film on understandings of third-trimester abortion

Investigators explored how viewing the film interacted with viewers’ previous understandings of later abortion. Findings reveal the potential of onscreen pseudo-experiences as a means for social change, but also reveal their limits and varying impacts.


From Severe Stigma to Powerful Resilience: Youth Sexuality, Parenting, and the Power of Structural Support

This report shares the results of interviewswith 14 experts in the field of resilience and support for young families.


Decision Rightness and Emotional Responses to Abortion in the United States: A Longitudinal Study

Examination of women’s emotions about abortion. Authors found that women experienced decreasing emotional intensity over time, and the overwhelming majority of women felt that termination was the right decision for them over three years.


Representations of Abortion in Film and Television

This video explores how representations of abortion in film and television can shape individual and cultural understanding of abortion.


Narrative Diversity and Sympathetic Abortion: What Online Storytelling Reveals About the Prescribed Norms of the Mainstream Movements

Qualitative analysis of how pro-choice and opposition movements frame abortion narratives.


Saying abortion aloud: Research and recommendations for public abortion storytellers and organizations

Report documenting Sea Change's research surveying public abortion storytellers in the US, with recommendations for sharing your abortion story and for support storytellers.


Let It Out: Telling Abortion Stories and Busting Stigma on Video

Webinar hosted by the Abortion Care Network with guidance for how to make a video about abortion.


Stories begetting stories: How pop culture reinforces abortion stigma—and can help end it

Blog post explores how popular culture can play a role in either upholding stigma or dismantling it.


Abortion Privacy/Abortion Secrecy

Video lecture examining the role that securing abortion access through the right to privacy in the US has in reinforcing and being reinforced by fear of personal disclosure. Delivered to a UK audience at Birmingham Univeristy. Hosted on Youtube.


Using video to de-stigmatize abortion: An interview with Katie Gillum

Blog post reporting an interview with Katie Gillum about using video to destigmatize and normalize women's experiences with abortion.


Facilitating Participatory Workshops

Briefing that provides information, ideas and tools to help facilitate dynamic workshops. Not specific to stigma, but an essential skill in stigma busting.


Abortion as a stigma: in the eyes of the beholder

investigation of social perceptions of abortion. Findings suggest shifting attention from characteristics of the stigmatized to observers' characteristics to understand stigmatization process.