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#8M No woman is free until all women are free


This Women’s Day, we come together once again to affirm that no woman is free until all women are free📢

No woman is free while we are being chained to hospital beds, abused, silenced, and condemned as criminals for having abortions and miscarriages. Condemned for having a mind of our own that allows us to decide for ourselves what is best for our bodies, our health, our life. Deciding over our own bodies is a sacred right that no state can ever deny.

No woman is free while we are being murdered, starved, raped, and bombed until buried alive. When the powers that rule are slow to condemn the genocide of Palestinians, Congolese, and many other people, but are quick to exert control over our bodies.

No woman is free while governments and armies keep treating many of us as disposable. Our bodies as land to be conquered and controlled, our homes as targets to be burned and demolished, and our murders as acceptable collateral damage.

While they continue to sell us the false security of compliance and division—saying that “they,” the ones we see blamed for their own murders/rapes/torture/bombing on TV, are not “us.”

The good women and the bad women. The good side of a border and the bad side. The good skin color and the bad skin color. The good biology and the bad biology. The good migrant and the bad migrant. The good faith and the bad faith. The good heritage and the bad heritage. The good abortions and the bad abortions.

Today we shout: THERE IS NO “THEY”. THERE IS ONLY US! ✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾
Us raising up to dismantle this misogynistic, patriarchal, transphobic, racist, xenophobic, classist, islamophobic, antisemitic, and bigoted system and build one centered on care and humanity for all!

So let’s raise our voice! 📢
If today we have the fleeting privilege of speaking up without risking our lives, let’s recognize it and use it. Let’s use our voice every day, but today, on International Women’s Day, more than ever 💚

We are proud to be part of this inroads community, filled with people committed to speaking up, organizing, and mobilizing today and every day!