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Tools to build collective power for September 28th!


We are getting ready for September 28 💚✊

inroads is part of a global working group of abortion justice organizations leading the International Safe Abortion Day campaign to demand accessible, legal, safe, and stigma-free abortion care worldwide.

Centering the #AbortionSolidarity that drives our #UnstoppableMovement we bring you a Campaign Toolkit with resources, ideas, images, and templates to help advocates take action around the world!

💚 Campaign call to action and toolkit: designed to support abortion activists in campaigning this September 28. It contains our theme, ideas to take action, creative materials, key messages, and sample posts to amplify. You can share this toolkit with your community and mobilize them to take action, too!

💚 Visual Creative Resources: Designs, assets, and templates to help you create and share materials online and offline!

💚  Filter for Instagram and Facebook Stories: Create your stories with this magical Sept 28 filter and share widely! Tag us to repost!

The history
September 28, as a day of action for abortion rights, originates in Latin America, where reproductive justice groups have mobilized around September 28 for the last two decades to demand legal, accessible, and stigma-free abortion access.

Share with us
Are you planning any abortion stigma-busting activities for September 28? Share with us using the campaign hashtags: