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Grantee Partner: LIVEI Rwanda


LIVEI Rwanda is a gender justice and human rights organization. Its thematic areas include Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, including challenging the stigma related to abortion.

The LIVEI Rwanda project that will be supported by inroads 2021 iPF Grants aims to harness storytelling models to reduce abortion stigma in Rwanda.

LIVEI Rwanda has extensive experience in using a participatory model to challenge negative community attributes to women who have had an abortion. The model includes storytelling and documentation.

Key activities:

  • Develop a narrative report (through a qualitative assessment) on the lived experience of young girls who have had an abortion. The report will integrate their stories on the stigma associated with abortion.
  • Produce knowledge products (e.g. infographic video of less than 5 min length) where young girls who have had an abortion will be sharing about their lived experience in the community with particular focus on the types of stigma and the impact on their wellbeing in the family, society and even at their workplace.
  • Conduct a dissemination campaign of developed knowledge products on stigma and discrimination related to abortion through LIVEI Rwanda social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and website as well as through inroads members platforms, for all members to access the content. 
  • Organize community-based intergenerational dialogue on abortion stigma. the dialogue will be an open space where young girls will speak out about abortion stigma and its impact.
  • Strengthen our toll-free line for Aunt Christina (LIVEI’s Nurse counselor) to continue providing post-abortion counseling to women. Print and distribute our hotline cards with a toll-free line to young girls’ peer educators. 

The team behind the project:

LIVEI Rwanda has qualified staff with more than 10 years of experience in SRHR advocacy, capacity building, and research. The Executive Director of LIVEI will oversee the project activities. He has a master’s degree in Sexual Reproductive Rights in Africa from the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, South Africa. LIVEI has four team members on board with experience in abortion-related activities such as engaging young people for meaningful participation in the prevention of stigma related to abortion. 

What results will be shared with the inroads community?

Products, findings, and lessons will be shared through our existing platforms including the inroads community or website. Resources to be generated through this project will serve as inroads resources on abortion stigma. 

How will they assess the project’s positive impact? 

  • Number of young people who will express their lived experience with abortion stigma.
  • Number of parents, guardians, women and youth networks, religious leaders, CSOs, and policymakers that will be engaged to support activities aiming at ending abortion stigma in Rwanda.
  • Number of LIVEI Rwanda hotline Cards distributed with our toll-free number.
  • Proposed Knowledge products were developed.

Watch the video below to learn more about this project!