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Care-mapping Workbooks


inroads joyously welcomed Jayati Doshi from sensemaking lab on 28 April 2022 to lead a Care-Mapping session as a part of our ongoing BYOQ (Bring Your Own Questions) series.

We are pleased to share the offerings from our session that will allow you to bring care-mapping as an active practice to your own organizations and communities. 

The workbooks have been designed and commissioned specifically with the inroads network in mind, as we pursue wider methods of exploring spaciousness and self-care in a time of increasing resistance and restriction towards reproductive justice, joy, and activism.

Using the metaphor of navigational maps (eg. traffic lights, stop signs, road maps), Care-Mapping is a powerful exercise in examining and mapping out how / where we receive and give care in our own lives. 

From the workbook:

“Care is such a complex matter, especially in the work that we do, which is so much about creating space for more care in a world that is built on the denial of care and carelessness

This workshop was designed as an ode to care, while the guidebook has been written to offer a meta-perspective on the workshop design and to let you in on the intentions and ideas behind each step – so that you can make choices in adapting this to your context, choosing what does and doesn’t apply to you.”

The Care-Mapping guides offered to the inroads community come in two parts:

  • Part 1, available here in English, Spanish, and French, is a guide to the care-mapping workshop, which shows members how to think through and facilitate the care-mapping process in their own sessions from start to end.
  • Part 2, available here in English, Spanish, and French, are the slides for the care-mapping workshop itself (Ps. Don’t forget to check the Notes section on each slide for guidance on how to present and facilitate each part of the workshop!).

We hope that these Care Mapping Guides serve you and your communities richly and deeply in the process of building new pathways of care towards each other and yourself! All inroads resources are shared free of charge with our inroads community.