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Women’s Day: Support our movement for liberation!

On Women's Day, women across the world, in their full and rich diversity, living in different contexts and with unique lived experiences, are continuously working to create a more just world for all.

As we are currently experiencing constant crises with a global pandemic, climate change, and war, that disproportionately impact women and reproductive rights, we want to invite you to join us in our commitment to work towards women's & gestating folk's freedom. Because if we are not free to decide over our body, we are not free.


If we are not free to walk to a clinic to receive or provide reproductive healthcare without fear of harassment, abuse, persecution, and violence, we are not free. If we are not free to access, process, and experience our personal reproductive choices on our own terms, under our own belief systems and realities, we are not free. If we are not free to talk without fear about a healthcare procedure that 1 in 3 women and gestating bodies will undergo, we are not free.

If we are not free to access, talk, and experience abortion on our own terms, we are not free.

But even though our bodily autonomy and rights are under constant attack, we know that there is hope. Hope that inspires and powers our continuous effort for our collective liberation.

We see hope in the tireless efforts of the reproductive justice movements all over the world. Movements that refuse to shut up, refuse to give up, refuse to stay down. Movements that, in the past few years alone, have achieved the legalization of abortion in Argentina, Thailand, Benin, Colombia, and four Mexican states. Movements that have built wider support for abortion rights in many more countries, creating an unstoppable reproductive justice wave flowing across the globe.

We see hope in the fearless commitment of abortion care workers, providers, acompañantes, doulas, nurses, midwives, and volunteers. People that day after day show up to support their community, and face often hostile environments with reinforced commitment and extra love & care for their patients.

We see hope in the creative and powerful initiatives to reduce abortion stigma shared regularly by our inroads community of over 1700 members. Initiatives to educate about reproductive healthcare. Initiatives to research and understand the stigma. Initiatives to mobilize their community. Initiatives to support and accompany abortion seekers. Initiatives to normalize abortion. Initiatives to fund abortion services. Initiatives to train abortion providers and supporters. Initiatives to care for each other and sustain these vital efforts.

Yes, we know there is hope because we see it in each of the members of the inroads community!The International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Stigma and Discrimination (inroads) is committed to working towards the freedom of past, present, and future abortion seekers so that each person is able to experience abortion on their own terms. With your help, we can keep resourcing, connecting, and amplifying vital abortion stigma-busting efforts to create a happier, healthier, and more just world free of abortion stigma and discrimination.

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