inroads Global Member Gathering Registration

Please be sure to carefully review the information about this gathering before completing your registration form.

About you

Is most of your destigmatizing work:

Do you consider yourself a youth champion or young activist? inroads has a high percentage of active young people, and we continue to encourage youth leadership. Please indicate your age:

Have you attended an inroads Summit, Regional Member Gathering, or Global Member Gathering in the past?

Have you received an inroads Partnership Fund Seed grant in the past? Seed grants are grants of up to US $3,000 for producing a tool, translating a resource, or conducting an arts-base project.


Are there any foods that you cannot eat?


inroads gatherings are participatory in nature, and include small group as well as large group discussions and interactions. The global language we use is English, and there are no formal translation services for Global Member Gatherings. However, if your participation would be improved by matching up with another participant who speaks your language for activities, please let us know here. We will do our best to match participants.

About your work on stigma

inroads builds participatory agendas by learning what members are ready to share and learn at Global Member Gatherings. The following questions ask about what you are ready to share with other inroads members, as well as different ways of sharing your work.

Below, please indicate with a check the kind of way you’d like to share, and complete the fields describing your work to share.

If you prefer to attend, learn, and discuss in small group discussions, and don’t have something specific to share, please check this box

inroads members are invited to share their work, including IEC materials, short program videos, posters, visual materials, at the Exchange Festival. A cross between having a table at a booth or poster session at a conference, but with the festive spirit of an open air flea market. Decorations are welcome and encouraged.

inroads artists and filmakers are invited to submit short films, art, or performances for a stigma-busting Film and Art festival.

If you have content that you think might make a good break-out session, please describe this. Breakout sessions frequently feature more than one participant, so you may be matched with other inroads members. If you are already collaborating with other members, please specify.

If you have a program or intervention that addresses abortion stigma and are able to facilitate a short demo (<45 minutes), please describe that here.

If you have work about abortion stigma, and don’t see the right place to share it, describe that here.

Volunteer Opportunities

In past gatherings, members have expressed an interest in helping build the unique space of the Gathering. Here are some possible ways you can help. These are all optional, and there may not be a role for everyone who expresses interest. You may check any options that you are interested in.


Please indicate below whether you are applying for funding support from inroads. inroads has funding to support a limited number of participants, and all registrations with funding request must be completed by September 24, 2019. Please consider carefully your funding requests and whether you have other possible sources of funding. If you apply for funding, you will be contacted by inroads staff to notify you of the status of your application by October 9, 2019.