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Grantee Partner: Vision in Action Cameroon


The Vision in Action Cameroon project that will be supported by inroads 2021 iPF Grants aims to develop and apply an abortion stigma measuring tool, to measure three different types of stigma in the Buea community.

Lessons, findings, and processes will be shared as reports with all inroads members so that other members can easily adapt and use the new tool.

Key activities:

  • Development of the tool.
  • Data validation: community intervention with control and experimental group.
  • Tool adjustment.
  • Analysis and report.
  • Fact sheet and sharing of findings.

The team behind the project:

The organization is made up of five permanent staff. Ranging from masters in sexual reproductive Rights in Africa (Executive Director), Masters in Public Health (Project Officer), Post Graduate Diploma in M&E (Programs Officer), masters in Communication (Communication Officers), and Postgraduate Diploma in Non-profit finance (Finance Officer). 

The permanent staff has at least six years of experience in women’s rights and activism.  We currently have six volunteers supporting the activities in the field, with 3 of them having a Masters’s degree in gender and human rights, two Peace and conflict resolution, and the other a BSc in Communication.

What results will be shared with the inroads community?

Lessons, findings, and processes will be shared as reports with all inroads members and websites. The findings will be presented in either an online meeting or face-to-face meeting with members. A fact sheet will be developed and shared with partners and advocates, including academicians. 

How will they assess the project’s positive impact? 

Vision in Action Cameroon will track and document:
The number of people/organizations using the tool developed to measure stigma.
The number of people who read the fact sheet and cited it in other documents or research thesis.
The number of organizations using the baseline to design projects and interventions 

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