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Grantee Partner: Flavours of Family Planning


Flavours of Family Planning is a Rwandan organization that disrupts male engagement in Family Planning- the least addressed and key component of Family Planning. They use edutainment skills to holistically provide quality and friendly family planning information.

The Flavours of Family Planning project that will be supported by inroads 2021 iPF Grants is called SAVE – Safe Abortion Videos Edutainment.

SAVE-Safe Abortion Videos Edutainment aims to reach future Rwandan physicians and the community with stigma-free safe abortion knowledge covering both the clinical and legal aspects of safe abortion in the local Rwandan context. Producing edutainment, training a cohort of 100 future physicians, and bringing the content related to safe abortion policy and unsafe abortion prevention awareness to the community through displaying the edutainment at selected popular local beauty salons where women and girls meet randomly.

Key activities:

  • Production: Producing five videos with edutainment talking without stigma about Medication abortion, Surgical abortion, Abortion law in Rwanda, Abortion best practices, and prevention of unsafe abortion.
  • Capacity-Building: Training 100 future pro-choice physicians using the videos.
  • Community engagement: Dissemination of videos to 3 local popular beauty salons that will display them for 2 weeks.  We selected beauty salons because, in Rwanda, popular beauty salons have at least one TV screen and clients spend there a range of 30min-3 hours, which is a time worthy enough to watch and repeat our edutainment content.
  • Mass Communication: We will organize 1 interview about SAVE at a popular local TV. 

The team behind the project:

Flavours of Family Planning (FFP) also known as the Kitchen Show is a Rwandan Registered entity that disrupts male engagement in Family Planning -the least addressed and key component of Family Planning. We use edutainment skills to holistically provide quality and gender-friendly family planning information.

Dr. Jean Berchmans Uwinama is the founder of Flavours of Family Planning and a Rwandan Medical Doctor For Choice. He is a bachelor of medicine and surgery and graduate of the University of Rwanda/ college of medicine and health sciences. Dr. Berchmans has 5+ years’ experience volunteering for local and international grassroots organizations working in the Public Health sector especially in the field of Reproductive Health.

What results will be shared with the inroads community?

Upon completion of assembling SAVE content, we will share it with the inroads network for their accessibility and use  By the end of the project we will send reports with evidence about the impact in Rwanda.

How will they assess the project’s positive impact? 

1. We hope to use a pre-test and post-test approach as we create future physicians by training them using edutainment. This will give us an opportunity to assess the impact our edutainment had on them.

2. We also hope to record comments and attendance as well all types of reactions that women, girls, and others at the beauty saloons will have on edutainment.

3. We will request and record the number of participants who viewed our TV interview,

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