Spacious Solidarity: Accompanying Abortions with Doulas and Hotlines


Presented by Ika Ayu and Isabel Perez 

As many of you may know, inroads became an independent organization as of September 2020. With indepen-dance comes a fresh dedication and rootedness in the values we have adopted as an independent org: Community Care, Equity, Authentic Engagement and Fearless Passion. We are continuing with our Spacious Solidarity Dialogues series, which began exactly a year ago in response to the world stopping events of covid-19 pandemic and its effects on abortion care.

As we continue in Spacious Solidarity, our goals are to:

  • Create and hold coordinating, aligning, solidarity-building spaces across regions, topics, fields, and status. 
  • Create space for healing, caring, accompanying, psychosocial support, reflection, professional development, desired training and affirmation, mutual learning and sharing, and to allow folks to come together as whole people.

In this upcoming year, our individual and collective goals will be our guide.

We believe that skill-sharing and mutual learning happens when we bring our whole selves to a dialogue process, one where we share our experiences and feelings, observations and analyses, struggles and dreams. The intention of this talk was not to be a technical lecture on how to be a doula or how to set up a hotline— those being important questions, however, they need their own intentional spaces and we could organise those as this conversation grows.

About the presenters:

Ika Ayu works together with Samsara, a feminist organization in Indonesia who focus in Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and safe abortion. Samsara’s vision is to create a world without discrimination where everyone’s sexual and reproductive rights are fully recognized, respected, and fulfilled. She is a passionate activist in various feminist networks.

Isabel Perez  is a young venezuelan migrant woman living in Argentina, she’s a social psychologist specialized in Sexual and Reproductive Rights. She’s a medical abortion doula and an international sexual and reproductive rights advocate member of the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (YCSRR), where she’s the current Chair of the Board of Directors.

Watch / Listen:

Thanks so much Isa and Ika for those honest and meaningful reflections of your journeys. Thanks to Aditi for hosting the space.

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