We Are Looking for Interpreters


To help create a more accessible network!

The inroads team is looking to build up a pool of interpreters in order honor the power and dignity of varied language-speakers in the network and to ensure that inroads members can access and authentically engage in ongoing programs.

We are looking for members who have experience interpreting (both trained/certified interpretation and/or solidarity interpretation for movements) into different languages. For 2021, we would be looking for simultaneous interpretation for our online spaces whereas in 2022 into the future we would even look at consecutive interpretation or typed-interpretation for in-person or hybrid events. We are able to compensate with a $100 Stipend for small online gatherings with 2 main speakers.

To join the pool of inroads interpreters- Fill This Short FORM

*NOTE: We particularly urge Spanish-English-Spanish and French- English- French interpreters to fill out this form before 1 May 2021, as we have upcoming Spacious Solidarity Dialogues with those requirements). Inroads will compensate member interpreters and there is a sliding scale of compensation based on the nature and length of the session. 

Looking forward to your linguistic and enthusiastic responses!

** NOTE 2: We refer here specifically to interpretation and not translation. Interpretation uses the spoken language, including sign language, and is the communication of a spoken message, while maintaining the register between two or more languages. Translation is the communication of a message between two or more languages in the written text form.)