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Welcome to the Body and Territory Fellowship Review Portal!

Please use this form to complete a review for any fellowship applications assigned to you. We ask that you carefully consider the following principles:

Member-led: Lifting up the leadership of inroads members through this member selection/review process is a vital way to allow our members to guide and lead the network.

Fair Compensation: So much of abortion justice and stigma-busting work happens without being resourced. Compensating fellows and reviewers at a thriving rate is essential to this process.

Safe & Brave: In a sea of abortion justice projects, how do we seek to support projects that feel like “safe spaces” but also take the “risk” to support brave spaces?

Mutual Learning: A selection/review process is truly a process of learning from one other, and we value all the ideas that our members took the energy and time to express in their applications.

When there is a starred scale, 1 star is very little to none, and 5 is maximum.